Our superior quality medical transcription services are catered towards the individual and group practices.

Key features of our transcription services include:

  • Easy to use system with fast learning time
  • Affordable and accurate medical transcriptions
  • No upfront or ongoing maintenance costs
  • Quick turnaround of transcribed files
  • Multiple dictation and deliver modes
  • Web-based document management and distribution system
  • Electronic delivery and 24 hour access to files
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant Internet access
  • Sign up today and be online the next day


Our skilled and experienced transcription staff diligently works to deliver each transcription to your satisfaction. Our staff are experts in accents, patterns in speech, dialects. They are fully qualified to review confidential patient information using the latest medical resources and remain current with the changing medical lexicon.

Our advanced Web technology combined with a highly skilled and experienced staff allows us to provide the highest quality medical transcription services at the best prices. All our transcriptionists are fully qualified to review, proofread, and verify patient data using the latest medical resources. Further, they are experts in speech patterns, accents, and dialects, and are diligent in remaining current with the ever evolving lexicon of medicine.


Our proactive process monitoring helps us achieve 98% o better accuracy. Detailed reports track every file through every step of transcription processing. An experienced team of trained medical transcriptionists assure and record the quality of every report. Bimslink uses a three-point quality check system which includes medical doctors.  Efforts are made through open discussions and work shops to consistently improve upon our quality of service. 

Turn-around Time:

Our transcription team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each document is guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hrs or less.  STAT turnaround times are also available on request.


In an effort to maintain the utmost Security and Protection of your medical records, Bimslink has taken the following steps to ensure Privacy and both HIPAA and compliance to the regulations of the Data Protection Act.

File Encryption:

All audio and Text files are protected by 128 bit encrypted through. All use of the application is forced to occur using this secure, HTTPS protocol (SSL - secure socket layer) with 128-bit encryption strength. Attempts to access the application without SSL are redirected.

Passwords and Usernames:

To access any data in the Bimslink system, a valid username and password is required. All voice and text files are routed through our central data center to ensure privacy, integrity, and reliability.

Audit Trail:

Each file is monitored electronically by our audit trail.  Each time a file is accessed the event is recorded (IP address, user id, date, time, elapsed time of event).

Additional Security:                                                                     

Non-Disclosure Agreements:

All Bimslink employees sign our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement. Further, each employee is equipped with our HIPAA procedures manual.

Limited Access Capabilities:

Bimslink Transcriptionists have no ability to view or save documents other than on our secure, audited server. No Bimslink workstations have floppy disk drives or CD burners.  Our fire wall blocks access to any internet site other than select medical terminology sites.

IP Addresses & File Tracking:

Bimslink limits which IP addresses can login to the system and view files. Administrators are also trained to audit the transcription process to insure that your records are always secure. 

For more details and a complete security document, please send us a query at:  info@bimslink.com


We support several delivery methods for the completed transcriptions. Completed medical transcriptions are provided in MS Word format. Other additional formats such as ASC key, pdf, rtf and other special formats are also supported.

Secure Internet Access − for delivery of completed transcriptions

Our highly secure Web system is included free of charge for our transcription clients. All completed transcription documents are delivered through this secure Internet system. Some of the features of the secure Internet system include:

  • Downloading transcriptions in batches                                                              
  • Search by date of dictation and document status
  • Search by document status and patient name
  • Voice files stored for a week
  • Completed transcriptions archived for up to several months

Electronic Medical Records

We can post completed transcriptions into your EHR systems directly.

Multiple Location Support

Completed medical transcriptions can be made available in a way that the staff in other locations can download the transcriptions specific only to that location.

Free email delivery

We can email the completed medical transcriptions to your colleagues only upon your request as this is not a secure medium of transferring information.


Regardless of the amount of volume your practice dictates, Bimslink solutions are designed to save you money.

Bimslink offers special price packages for multi-user and high volume accounts.  We follow the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) billing method.  Pricing for Medical Transcriptions depends on various factors such as:

  • Turnaround time
  • Dictation Mode
  • Dictation Quality
  • File Delivery System
  • Proprietary interfaces required
  • Electronic delivery and 24 hour access to files

Depending on the above factors we provide the best economical pricing strategy for our clients.  We charge per line of 65 characters including spaces.

In accordance with the principles our billing method has the following:


A medical transcription billing method should be subject to verification. This verification should be to parties to the transaction.


A medical transcription billing method should accurately define the measurements. It should be free from definitional ambiguity.


A medical transcription billing method should allow for complete understanding of the formulas used in its calculation. It should result in a clear and concise invoice.


A medical transcription billing method should be generally reliable. It should be consistent in its application.


A medical transcription billing method should be fair and honest. The resulting invoices should accurately reflect and charge for service rendered.

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